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Medical Repatriation By Air

If you get injured or experience a medical emergency abroad, we can help. We offer medical repatriation by air to get you safely back to the UK. We provide a charter air ambulance for any medical emergency worldwide.

Medical Repatriation has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and are fully qualified with expert knowledge, so you can rest assured we'll get you home safely. Although we are based in the UK, we provide our services worldwide, even in the most sparsely populated areas, and specialise in assisting people travelling without insurance.

We offer rapid service, along with trustworthy medical escorts and no delays! We can also handle and assist you with any VISA requirements, so you really don't need to worry about anything. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your calls 24/7, and our Medevac aircraft is provided day and night when most helicopters don't fly.

The many services that we provide also involve liaising with hospitals and embassies to ensure you get the complete medical evaluation that you need. Below is a full list of services we offer and information about each. If you would like to find out more information or a free, non-binding quote, please contact us today, and one of our staff members will be on hand to give you any advice you need.

All our services are undertaken by qualified medical staff professionals and are patient-friendly. We provide consistent care for our patients and ensure all aspects of the process are dealt with, so you don't need to worry about anything. With our 'door to door service, we'll be with you the whole time to ensure you get where you need to be.

Your Medical Welfare is in Expert Hands

Medical Repatriation has over 25 years of experience, our team of highly trained professionals. Our team are on call 24/7 and are on hand to help with all your needs and requirements. In addition, we provide our Medevac aircraft whenever you need them, especially during the night when most helicopters don't fly. 

We will liaise with hospitals and embassies, so you get the complete medical evaluation required. We will also assist you with any VISA requirements to rest assured there is nothing to worry about.

Air Ambulance

If you are worried about having a medical emergency whilst abroad, we have you covered. We offer quick assistance services anywhere worldwide and will organise everything from one door to the other.

We even cover regions that are rural and hard to access, and we are also happy to keep your family and friends updated by giving them regular phone calls to let them know how you're doing. We also ensure everything from taxis to stretchers are organised, so you'll have the best service and be in complete comfort.

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Medical Evacuation Flights

Medevac flights are for any seriously ill patients or if you've had a severe injury whilst on holiday. We can adjust the cabin's pressure during the flight by flying lower to ensure it won't affect any medical conditions you may have or make any injuries worse.

This would be the quickest way to get to a hospital, as we provide immediate transfers through our Medevac plane or Medevac helicopter, fitted with lights and sirens, and will prioritise airports, bringing you into hospitals, and when on the ground.

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Medical Evacuation Flights

International Patient Transfer

International Patient Transfer

With our international patient transfer service, relatives can accompany you through the entire journey. We provide transportation to and from the airport, anywhere worldwide, so you don't have to worry about getting home! Even the most rural and sparse areas that are hard to reach.

There is also onboard oxygen and medication provided by our qualified medics, and we can install any other medical equipment that is necessary. The care we offer patients is extremely high, and we provide critical care whilst transporting from hospitals to airports, to trauma centres, and through the air.

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Bed To Bed Transportation

Not only can we provide high-quality care from the ground and through the air, with a qualified medical escort, we can also offer it right through to the hospital. We cover the entire transfer with our fast and efficient service and assist with hospital admissions in the UK.

We understand it's essential to be close to friends and family, which is why we can transport you to any hospital you choose. This will also help decrease the waiting time for patients and their families at hospitals, ensuring they are seen quickly.

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Bed to Bed Transportation

When will someone require an air ambulance for repatriation?

An air ambulance aircraft is used for many different patients needs and requirements. For example, a high-risk patient requires advanced medical intervention or if a patient is in an unstable condition. An air ambulance can even transport a patient that is on life support.

In addition, if there is limited space for a stretcher on a commercial flight, an air ambulance is an alternative, especially during high peak seasons.

What methods of repatriation are available?

Medical repatriation in an air ambulance: An air ambulance medical repatriation is the quickest travel option for patients who are too weak or sick to endure the rigours of a commercial flight. Our medical repatriation services are for patients who have fallen ill or been injured while abroad.

What are some challenges patients can face during the medical repatriation process?

One of the challenges that patients can face is the language barrier that can occur in a foreign country. If communication problems arise, it can make it difficult to liaise with doctors and healthcare professionals abroad; being able to communicate makes it easier to have a precise treatment plan in place. It enables the patients the correct level of care and pain management when required. 

We have specific staff members who are multilingual and can liaise with other healthcare workers and the embassy from anywhere in the world where your incident or illness happened. Having multilingual staff will also prevent any issues with immigration and customs officers. We understand how essential it is for patients to receive the correct level of care. We act quickly and efficiently to ensure the well-being of all patients in our care.

How often are patients medically repatriated back to their home country?

Unfortunately, we medically repatriate patients all the time. It is becoming all too familiar when travelling abroad the accidents and illnesses can occur, and travellers need medical assistance.

When you are abroad and are ill or have an accident, in most cases, the one thing you want as a patient is to return home as soon as possible. You want to receive the best possible care and be repatriated as quickly as possible. We all want to be somewhere familiar, back with our loved ones and in receipt of the best care before our condition gets worse. With our many years of experience and highly qualified and professional medical team, we understand how important it is for our patients to return home safely and as quickly as possible while receiving the best cars on the journey.

How do you ensure a patient is stable enough for air travel?

Before every one of our flights, our medical team will perform a pre-flight evaluation of our patient's medical records and consult with the doctors and nurses who have treated our patient at the facility sending the patient to our care. Our own medical and ambulance team will also perform an onsite evaluation to ensure our patients can be transported to the plane and complete the flight home.  

The majority of patients are medically approved for transport and flight. Our planes are all fully equipped and configured medically and include all the latest technology you would expect to find in a hospital or medical facility. We ensure that the patient has all the correct medical equipment they require on their flight. Our transport offers minimum turbulence, providing a much smoother gentle flight for patients requiring critical or intensive care. 

All our staff offer the best in medical care, giving our patient peace of mind and reassurance that they will be well cared for and receive the utmost medical care during their repatriation flight.



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